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bulletHouse numbers perk up the curb appeal of your home with an particularly appropriate style of house number. You won't be finding these at your local "big box" store! Featured in articles in the New York Times, Real Simple magazine and movies such as "Disturbia". Just click on a category below...and have some fun!  And since you asked: we are located in Spokane, Washington, which is pacific time.
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For numbers that are well suited for stucco and brick homes, check out, an unaffiliated company

House numbers are often what give people the first impression of your home. Isn't it a good idea to choose numbers that are in keeping with your style of residence? But where can you find, say, Victorian house numbers? Well, of course, we are able to make those for you. We once attended the movie "Disturbia" and were surprised to see some numbers we designed featured prominently. That is not likely to happen unless your address numbers are particularly appealing. So have fun browsing through our collections.   

We have many different materials from which to choose. Two of our most popular metals are solid copper, and of course, solid brass.  Gaining popularity recently, especially in the 50's retro, or more often called mid-century, or depression modern homes is solid aluminum. These metal numbers include unobtrusive escutcheon pins made of brass. These are basically tiny one inch little nails with a small decorative head that has a round, smooth appearance. When looks are important, these are the type of fasteners that are often used when adhering a number to a wood surface. Many people actually order two sets of address numbers. They will often put them on the front of their home in one of the larger sizes, perhaps say the six inch size, and then order a set of same exact matching numbers in a smaller size, like those in the four inch dimension. The smaller size will then be mounted closer to the street, perhaps on a decorative piece of landscaping, like a boulder or big rock, or they often mount them on their mailbox.

As the years have gone by, we have increased our offerings of some other styles of numbers that do not utilize escutcheon pins. All black powder coated numbers have color matched stainless steel powder coated screws. Also, we offer some excellent tile house number as well as ceramic numbers mounted in metal frames, all of which are fastened with screws. We also offer some cast bronze numbers, the carriagehouse and bronze tree bark, that use screws instead of escutcheon pins. If you are a creative artisan that would like a venue for being able to get your house numbers to the public, please feel free to give us a call.  We are always willing to take a look at what you have and who knows, we might just be able to help each other out. Get those creative juices flowing.

When you have to attached a number to a stucco or brick surface, a bit more work and pre planning is required. Consult your contractor or handyman as to the best way to apply your numbers. We also have several different styles that are made of tile. They can be affixed with screws instead of nails. You may want to mark a location for the drilling by having someone hold the tile and the surface then make some sort of mark through the hole onto the tile itself with some sort of removable marker. If your contractor or your are doing some drill work into the exterior of your home, you may want to wear appropriate respiratory apparatus as some older homes may contain asbestos. Drilling can raise tons of dust and make a bit of a mess, so make sure that you have someone that knows what they are doing work on your project. 

Please give one of our friendly telephone associates if you have any questions or special needs, more than likely we will be able to help you out. We have done huge amounts of numbers for building complexes, as well as larger numbers for office exteriors of big buildings, so just cause you don't see something doesn't mean that we can't make it for you. Just remember, whether you have a big project that needs a big number or numerals or something that leans a bit more on the smaller side,  think a child's playhouse for instance, no number is too much for us to handle, although we have never done a dollhouse, it's not totally out of the question.

Vintage home devotees may want to look into these sources for subway tile. You may also want to consider harmonizing  other elements of your house numbers with something from one of these or decorative resources.

A pleasant complement to Victorian address numbers are  air vents which you can see if you click here to go to, and if time permits, you might want to look at or two. The cast iron historic collection has some gorgeous styles that would fit right into that era. The Opera Grilles are a style that should especially not be missed. A not to be missed style would be in the Turn of the Century Collection, and it is called appropriately enough the Queen Anne register. So have a fun adventure and get those new house numbers and go from there. Anytime of the year is home improvement season, and the front of your home is the first and best place to start. You don't really have to worry much about the weather, as the front of your house isn't out in the middle of your yard. Although, it is possible to put yards way out front. Perhaps on a post, or incorporating them onto your mailbox. Anyway - just get busy! You know what they say - First impressions are lasting ones.